Our Mission

EmPower Consumers’ mission is to minimize financial hardships that arise as a byproduct of environmentally-focused energy policies that fail to consider resulting risks and harms. Our goals are:

  • To ensure affordable electric power for all consumers;
  • To ensure electric infrastructure costs are paid for by all consumers, fairly and equitably;
  • To ensure all consumers are included and represented in all substantive policy discussions, especially the consumer rate impact of climate change policies;
  • To ensure policymakers always consider energy affordability for consumers when crafting new environmental laws;
  • To serve as an instrument through which consumers express their preferences and perspectives on energy use and energy policies to electric power providers and policy makers;
  • To serve as an advocate for consumers as tradeoffs and decisions are made by policymakers in an effort to achieve reliable and safe electric power with minimal impact on the environment
  • To work with consumers to reduce household energy consumption and thereby contribute resolving the energy affordability crisis; and
  • To provide consumers with facts and information on the subject of electric generation, efficiency, transmission and distribution, conservation and consumption
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