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Building a Greener Tomorrow, Today – EmPower Consumers is an organization that represents the interests of consumers in the energy space and fights for equitable and efficient energy policies. EmPower Consumers believes in a green future for everyone. But before we can reach a greener tomorrow, we must take care of our families and communities today. We believe the future of America’s energy policies should be shaped by the views, ideas, and needs of the people that call this country home.

Energy Affordability – Our nation’s ability to achieve environmentally friendly, affordable, reliable and safe electric power is one of the most critical issues we currently face. The continual evolution of the energy sector continues to usher in disruptive changes that put consumers at risk. The electric power affordability crisis represents a particularly ominous issue for the working, middle-class and economically disadvantaged consumers. Too often, those most negatively impacted by rising energy costs and policy outcomes, are the least likely to be heard. In our democracy, every voice is entitled to be heard.

Working Together – EmPower Consumers brings together policymakers, regulators, consumers and the energy industry to address the issues of energy affordability, the evolution of the energy sector, and challenges that result from disruptive changes in the energy space. Together, we can build a greener tomorrow for all Americans by crafting policies that balance the needs of working, middle-class and fixed-income consumers against with the needs of the energy system.

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