EmPower Consumers is an organization committed to ensuring a greener future for all Americans. As the price of energy continues to rise, consumers devote more and more of their income toward their energy bills. EmPower Consumers believes that the right policies can make energy more clean and more affordable for all Americans.

A Letter to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Acting Administrator, Ms. Catherine McCabe

Dear Ms. McCabe:

EmPower Consumers is committed to ensuring a greener future for all Americans. Our core organizational commitments revolve around two concepts: ensuring that all consumers are included and represented in all substantive policy discussions, especially the consumer rate impact of climate change policies; and ensuring that policymakers always consider energy affordability for consumers when crafting new environmental laws. To that end, EmPower Consumers respectfully submits the following comments to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding its proposed denial of Petitions for Rulemaking to Change the RFS Point of Obligation (EPA–HQ–OAR–2016–0544).

We believe the current execution of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) contributes to a distorted gasoline market that threatens to increase retail gasoline prices, with negative impacts for people all across the United States and has disparate impacts on consumers nationwide, especially in African American and other minority communities.

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